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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Using Audioboo

Watch these movies to get you started.

Embed audioboo into blog

                1. Use audioboo on the ipads/ipods to reflect on your latest reading goal.
                 2.Write down in your reading book what you will record on audio boo talking about;
a.     What?
b.     So What?
c.     Now What?
3. Find somewhere quiet to record your reflection.
4. Listen to your recording if not clear please redo.
5. Take a photo of your learning to add to the audio boo.Save
 6. On the class laptop go to audioboo.fm  Log in as: (your class account)
a.     room4    P/W room4111
7. Find your audio boo recording, click on it and select the embed code at the bottom.
 8. Copy that code.
                   9.  Log into your blog and choose a new post
                   10.  Click on the HTML button at the top of the post page and copy the embed code in.  Publish your post.  View it.
NB Make sure the photos you take come out the right way around. Take in portrait perspective.

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